Is Obesity Out of Your Control?

This Just In!!

Hey guys, it’s Devon! I stumbled upon this interesting article from U.S. News about a study on obesity, which looks at the  environments  people live in and WHY we eat, rather than just what we eat. You can read the article for yourself here!

It reminded me how useful Reyna’s tips and tricks on healthy and tasty cooking really are.

From what I got from the article, researchers found that increased environmental factors such as fast food hot-spots (Like a street full of Beezleburgers.... what a nightmare!), and the social pressures created by food advertising in some areas are a bigger factor in obesity than individual choices or genetics.

So what do you do if you live in these hot spots? It’s hard to avoid temptation, but YOU are in control. By cooking your own food, being smart about the food you purchase and staying active, you can enjoy your food and stay healthy!


That’s all I have for today, now I’m off to play basketball!

What fun activity are you doing to stay active?

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