Confessions of a Pink Slime Addict

Hi Everyone, Max here!

Thanks to my good friend Reyna, I just escaped getting hooked on the Beelzeburger empire’s greasy fast food!!!! 

YUK!  That’s right, I was almost a FAST FOOD ADDICT... living for fat, salt, and a hidden ingredient called “PINK SLIME”. GROSS!

WATCH HOW IT ALL WENT DOWN IN in the LATEST KickinKitchen.TV Episode Fast Food Addict



Heard of PINK SLIME? You need to know about it!

Pink Slime is a nasty ingredient made from beef trimmings combined with unhealthy ammonia gas. In other words, it's not real meat! Pink Slime is sometimes added to meat in many grocery stores, restaurants, and sometime even in your school lunches!  Also known as "lean finely textured beef," Pink Slime used to be used only in pet food. Hmm..I don't think I want to eat the same food as Stacy's cat!

Do you? Wouldn’t you much rather have some of Reyna’s delicious ROASTED CHICKEN ?

Share your thoughts on Pink Slime!

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